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Your Wedding Music

Imagine nationally prominent performing artists playing for you on your wedding day! Based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, our musicians have appeared at the Kennedy Center, the White House, Strathmore Hall, and prestigious venues throughout the country.

We are available for any part or all of your event.

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At the Wedding Ceremony

  • Prelude music: 30 minutes prior to the service as guests are arriving
  • Ceremony music: processional, recessional, candle lighting, special selections
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After the Wedding

  • Cocktail hour: keep your guests entertained while you take pictures and prepare for the reception

At the Reception

  • Luncheon or dinner: an elegant atmosphere with uplifting Celtic airs
  • Reception: lively dance music for listening and dancing
  • Ceilidh Dance: Both Irish and Scottish dancing available; a dance caller will teach you all the simple steps!
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Have a Ceilidh* Dance at Your Wedding!

(*pronounced “kay-lee”)

Professional dance callers will teach you and your guests simple steps to join with your partner in group dances accompanied by our exciting live music. People of all ages have participated in our dances, and everyone has a great time! It is simple and enormously fun.

Check out our photo galleries for more images of our weddings and the Ceilidh dance here.